shadow dancer

The moon hung in the night sky

A beautiful crescent shape dangled low

All the stars where her audience And those who care to notice her

saw her beauty

Her light ever so dim cast shadows

In the sleeping hollows of trees in there darkest spots

It cast its glow ever so slightly on the dancing water

Bestowing each wave with glimmer





The Dreamer written by Kathy Cammisuli

I gaze upward towards the moon
Shrouded in a cloak of darkness
Peaking ever so slightly towards the earth
Fearless as the night sky
I can not stand on the edge of her darkness
There is no mirrored reflection in her depth
Only echos of distant voices that tug at my imagination
Echo’s of lost love and unfilled dreams
For love is the one true essence of life
I wish only for love and memories

Who am I when no one is looking
Who am I when they are
Scattered pictures in a book
Never moving towards the end
Like the pictures,
I reveal my soul the most private part of me
The endless dreamer and lover in the night

Tiny Snowflake

Tiny snowflake in the clouds so high
Waiting for your time to fly
The winter sun refuses to shine
Giving you some extra time
Some more tiny crystals to make up your shape
And in the cloud you wait
For the gust of cold wind to seal your fate
Tiny snowflake in the clouds so high
It is now time for you to fly
Gently flying through the sky
Resting softly on the ground
Without a whisper or a sound
And you shine like a diamond

For Brooke,Devin,Lucas and Hudson


Our mother’s weep with out stretched arms longing to embrace their sons of yesterday.

They died in battle but they did not die alone
They died with their brothers far from home
In the trenches there bodies lay
Their beautiful sons of yesterday
He who stood never stood alone
They where brothers together in the combat zone
In the river that once ran clear
Is filled with the blood of the ones we held dear
There was no darkness to cover the night
The barrage of shell fire gave off its great light
Among the ashes and the smoke they pressed on
There spirit was not broken, it is was not gone
Some took to the sky in a perilous flight
To do their battle in the night
Threw the barbed wire and mud knee-deep
Towards their victory they slowly creep
There are too few of these men left today
To tell their story of the soldiers way
Those who parished are not silenced by death
They reach out to us from their place of rest
Those who survived, who’s lives are forever changed
Remember their brothers in graves with no names

Some Day

Tear drop rolling down my face
Sadness that I can’t erase
And I don’t know what I am supposed to do now without your love
Around and around I go now without your love

I have not changed
I remain the same
What have I done?
What can I say?
To change your mind and make you stay

I stand here now for all to see
A love that now has abanded me
But I will lift my head high
I will know longer cry

There will be love again for me someday
disguised in a brand new way
It will fill my heart with gladness
erase all my sadness

There will be no time to reminisce
No time to miss your kiss
Some where in the distant time
There is a heart waiting for mine

The Night

All inspired dreams that fade
Among the promises that once were made
All the shadows that dance at night
Will soon give way to morning light
With all the moons and stars gone by
That make their home in the evening sky
Those who miss this glorious sight
Lay in slumber in the night
Tis here I find my soul at rest
And my heart beats softly in my chest
With so little night-time left
Reluctantly, I lay my head to rest

The Light

In my shadow
I can see her face briefly for a moment
Her mind is of darkness
Moments of indifference and confusion
In her darkness she searches for the light
Like a pebble on the sea-shore insignificant among many
She waits for the light
At the right moment the light cast its rays on her and she shines like a diamond
I can see her beauty
But without love or contentment she struggles to hold onto the light
It eludes her once more
In the depths of her dispar she is alone
In her emptiness and solitude she trembles
Her transparency is for ever evident she cannot conceal it
In her dilutions she rises like a phoenix out of the ashes
She reaches once more for the light
She captures it and brings it to her chest
Like a moth to a flame she burns bright
And then she is no more

The Widow

Our house is never empty, never still
For in our house your spirit stays
It does not sleep in your lonely grave

All our pictures still hang on the walls
I stop to remember and look at them all
Threw the glass I can see your face
With my finger I trace the out line of your smile
You have been gone a short time only awhile

I need no reason to make me believe
For your spirit forever encompasses me
I can hear your laugh and I can hear your voice
To leave me would have never been your choice

Oh sweet heart the days go by
With all the rainbows that arch the sky
On a lonely winters night
I sit alone by the fire light
When I sleep I am not alone
For in my dreams you forever roam

Oh sweet invader of my dreams
Who captures my tears as they stream
In the soft moon light
I hear you whisper sweet dreams good night
Threw endless sleepless nights gone by
With all the moons that pass the sky
I speak to you old hands of time
My heart still belongs to him and his to mine

If I have just one breath left
Let it not be of sorrow but happiness
You lay in my broken dreams of yesterday
In my cries I hear you say
Don’t cry my love, we will be together again some day.

The Gift

Wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow
And the treasure with in is worth more than gold
It’s my little boys birthday in just one week
I told him he was not allowed to peek
He would take the gift and shake it with all his might
Frustrated he would yell ” it’s packed way to tight”
His birthday soon arrived
He climbed on the chair to see what’s inside
He tore off the paper in neat thin strands
He pulled off the lid with his little hands
With disappointment he exclaimed ” this box is empty there is nothing inside”
Then I noticed the tears well up in his eyes
I told him the box is not empty it’s full to the brim
You have to look deeper, deeper with in
Maybe you are just to little to see
This box is full of love that my mother once gave to me
He cradled his chin with one of his hands
He played with the paper that he had torn into strands
Then a tear trickled down his cheek
I kissed him and whispered don’t worry I got you your jeep
He played with the jeep from morning till night
He took it to bed and hugged it real tight
I kissed him and tucked him into bed
Then he turned  to me and this is what he said
I know you think I am to little to understand
The box of love you wrapped with your hands
It was wrapped up so pretty and tied with a bow
And the treasure with in it is worth more than gold

Way back When

Do you remember when our hearts were young and free
When the days were long and hot and we would find shade under the apple trees
Wild roses grew amongst the weeds their scent peppery and sweet
We would find wild straw berries that where sweet to eat
In the gully the creek rambled on
There where lots of rocks to sit apoun
Under the rocks we would find the salamander
That we would pick up to have a gander
Wild flowers everywhere grew
The Dog Tooth Violet theTrillium to name a few
We would lay in the tall grass and look up at the clouds
Far away from the noise and the crowds
Life was different way back when it was easier to make new friends
Some we still keep others fell to the side
Others moved away and we would cry
The summer rain was warm and sweet
That collected in puddles at our feet
Under the umbrella we would walk
Up the street and around the block
Under the eavetroph we would stand
Holding each other by the hand
To feel the down pour of the summer rain
Oh how I would love do it all again
We grew up and left this life behind
Now they are memories we store in our minds
But every now and again I remember way back when.

            I love you sister