Dream Lover

Dream lover of mine,You invade my dreams
Like a ghost in the night you whisper sweet words of love
That echo softly in the quiet of my mind
Taunting and teasing me awakening my sleeping desire
Every caress belongs to you
Every kiss is your’s too
I want to taste your words of love, like a sweet addiction on my lips
Oh Ghost of love, teach me how to love you in my dreams
Let me have only dreams of love for you
let me dream only of your touch and let me kiss only your lips
for you are my only desire.



The storm clouds in the sky parted, and Heaven was revealed.
He that dwells there cried, and His tears fell to earth.
His voice rang out in the Heavens and echoed across the land.
Everything that lived on the earth was still.
All that lived could hear His cries, and some listened.
Those who listened could feel His tears apoun their skin, and were filled with sorrow.
Those who did not listen where stung by His tears, They felt the burden of the earth and all that dwell there
They cried out in pain, and where crushed by their burden.
One by one the one’s who listened where taken up into Heaven.
Some that were taken cried out “Lord there are so many left behind”
And He that dwells in Heaven spoke,”The one’s I leave behind are evil they have polluted the earth and the minds of all that I love. Although their pain is great so is their sin
I will not forget them even though their heart and soul dwells not with Me”

The Jackal and The Gazelle

I am the gazelle graceful and delicate
You are the jackal
You crouch in tall grasses waiting to pounce
You see your chance and you take it
You tear at my flesh
I feel your teeth sink deep into my body
I can hear my bones breaking
But death does not claim me
I am battered and scared, but I am wiser
And you are still hungry
I know you now, you can no longer hide
I can sense your presence
Some will fall to be your prey, But I will no longer be the hunted.
Those who are vulnerable will know your name because I will speak it.
You can no longer hurt me physically but I am emotionally scared
Those who love me will know I have done battle for they will see my scares
But they will also know I have been victorious

The Angry Son

Where have you gone my angry son?
Can’t your mother soothe you no more?
I would nurse you at my breast till you where content
Hold you endlessly in the night to calm your cries
Bath you in warm water to hear you laugh, to see you smile
Now that you are older I tell you no you become angry and defiant
You are in a state of mind where no mother can soothe you or calm you
What happened to the days you would sit on my lap and rub my back
Are you to big now?
God gave me a gift a beautiful baby boy and as long as I have strength and God’s  help
I will go on protecting you even if it means no
God entrusted me with your care to raise you up to be kind considerate and loving person
To respect the parents he chose for you
And most of all to love God as you love yourself.

The Wounded Lover

Come meet me at the water’s edge
Where the air is sweet and warm
The stars in the Heavens cast their glow
And the brightness of the moon dances on the waves
I have laid out a blanket for you and I
We lay there quiet for a moment and I brush your hair from your brow
You kiss me ever so gently, my heart is pounding harder
Your hand traces the outline of my breast and I arch my back to meet your caress
Your mouth is sweet with love and I yearn for your lips to touch mine
My body is moist with drops of sweat the collect in the crease of my breast and trickle down my spine
Your breath is hot against my skin
I feel your passion hard against my body
All the emptiness I felt is gone with the touch of your caress
My pain is washed away by your lips that travel my body
I am fulfilled and complete.

Strike 3 The Pitchers Prayer

Who is this towering figure that strides towards the mound
His hair tucked under his ball cap his chalk bag and glove in hand.
Lord protect him and guide him as his hand meets the ball
May he crush his opponent with the strength and speed of the ball
I pray it travels hard and fast till it meets the catchers glove
May his skill be respected by the hush of the crowd above
He scatches the dirt with his cleats just below the rubber and wipes the sweat from his brow
He leans forward with the ball and glove hidden behind his back
His eyes of steel meet his opponent his face is without expression
He brings the ball and glove to chest
Under his breath he whispers
God this ones for the crowd
Also for me Lord
The pitcher on the mound.


Where does it come from this darkness other than the night
It has no body or soul yet it oppresses me and suffocates me.
It lurks in the corners of my mind waiting, there is no escape.
You, yourself can not hide from it
It clouds my mind and closes my heart.
It smothers me till I can hardly breath.
I travel into the darkness like a ghost searching aimlessly for the light in the darkness of my mind