The Wounded Lover

Come meet me at the water’s edge
Where the air is sweet and warm
The stars in the Heavens cast their glow
And the brightness of the moon dances on the waves
I have laid out a blanket for you and I
We lay there quiet for a moment and I brush your hair from your brow
You kiss me ever so gently, my heart is pounding harder
Your hand traces the outline of my breast and I arch my back to meet your caress
Your mouth is sweet with love and I yearn for your lips to touch mine
My body is moist with drops of sweat the collect in the crease of my breast and trickle down my spine
Your breath is hot against my skin
I feel your passion hard against my body
All the emptiness I felt is gone with the touch of your caress
My pain is washed away by your lips that travel my body
I am fulfilled and complete.


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