The Angry Son

Where have you gone my angry son?
Can’t your mother soothe you no more?
I would nurse you at my breast till you where content
Hold you endlessly in the night to calm your cries
Bath you in warm water to hear you laugh, to see you smile
Now that you are older I tell you no you become angry and defiant
You are in a state of mind where no mother can soothe you or calm you
What happened to the days you would sit on my lap and rub my back
Are you to big now?
God gave me a gift a beautiful baby boy and as long as I have strength and God’s  help
I will go on protecting you even if it means no
God entrusted me with your care to raise you up to be kind considerate and loving person
To respect the parents he chose for you
And most of all to love God as you love yourself.


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