The storm clouds in the sky parted, and Heaven was revealed.
He that dwells there cried, and His tears fell to earth.
His voice rang out in the Heavens and echoed across the land.
Everything that lived on the earth was still.
All that lived could hear His cries, and some listened.
Those who listened could feel His tears apoun their skin, and were filled with sorrow.
Those who did not listen where stung by His tears, They felt the burden of the earth and all that dwell there
They cried out in pain, and where crushed by their burden.
One by one the one’s who listened where taken up into Heaven.
Some that were taken cried out “Lord there are so many left behind”
And He that dwells in Heaven spoke,”The one’s I leave behind are evil they have polluted the earth and the minds of all that I love. Although their pain is great so is their sin
I will not forget them even though their heart and soul dwells not with Me”


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