The Soldier’s Prayer

Oh God in Heaven I pray keep me safe
As I venture into this foreign  place
I pray my battle be brief
I pray I spare my family grief
Our beautiful flag that flies high in the sky
Will drape the coffins of those who will die
God you must know
It was the enemy that delivered the first blow
It was not my country that looked for a fight
And I will defend it with all my strength and might
I fight for my country and for you God above
I fight for freedom and all that I love
I fight for honor, valour and the Canadian dream
I fight against those who plot to scheme
I fight without prejudice I fight for what is right
I will fight from morning and into the night
With my guardian Angel by my side
Into the battle field together we will stride
Oh God in Heaven who know’s I am brave
Give me strength and courage even if it means the grave
Under my uniform is but a mere man
But I will fight the fight the best I can
God I pray, if my life should end over here
Guide my body back home to those I love dear
May my Brother’s take the flag from my coffin and give it to my wife
May they tell her how much I love her and I fought a good fight
May they give flowers to my children to put in my grave
And tell them about all the lives I have saved
Sing O’ Canada and God Save the Queen
And hold close to your hearts the Canadian dream
Take your hats off to those on the bridges who wave
But most of all, remember me The Soldier in the Grave


My Little Bro

Heavenly Angel sent from above
Take back a message to someone I love
Carry it within your heart
Let shine so all can see
Just how much he means to me

My beautiful little one who refuses to sleep
Keep sending me memories for my heart to keep
Oh little one whom I love
Watching me secretly from above
Into my dreams at night you creep
Visiting me always when I sleep
Keeper of dreams that lives up above
Keep sending me his dreams for me to love

My precious little one my heart still cries
Death does not separate you and I
I struggle to remember your voice
It was so long ago when God made his choice
But your face is all that I can see
Your touch is a cherished memory

Sometimes we would sleep together at night
you would rub my arm and hug me tight
In my heart you will aways be my little Bro
And how I love and miss you so






















Death of a Maiden …..Part # 2

Down the corridor of death I do walk
And into the courtyard where the crowds do mock
Death to the maiden in the blue gown!
With her hair all mess and hanging down !
Shameless harlot who has committed this sin!
Off with her head they say with a grin
Look beside you and you will see
Your lover’s body waiting fo thee!
Oh my love now I see
Twas your pain that reached out for me
They try to hit me with their stones
I will not cry, I will not moan
I stumble but I do not fall
They walk me briskly they do not stale
I look to the heavens and there I see
My beautiful lover waiting for me
Tis fate that brought you to me
Tis fate that will set me free
Oh dear God whom watches from above
Who knows my heart and all my love
I beg you do not turn my soul away
As I stand before you on this day
In the heavens her lover can see her face
And he reaches out for her embrace
She does not cry, she does not moan
She lays her head upon  the stone
And into his arms where they embrace
And down her breast his hands to trace

Death of a Maiden

How sad and lonely is my heart
As I await my life to part
The hour is late and I await the morn
This crime of love has condemned my fate
Oh  God I beg you, my soul do take
The guards came for us this past night
My lover ran, he did not fight
My love you escaped in tact
While I await the axemen’s ax
I have made my choice the ax it will be
Hurry my love please come for me
My tears fall cold like winter rain
Oh my dearest love can you sense my pain
I close my eyes to see your face
I clasp my arms around my waist
I try to imagine your embrace
And down my breasts my hands do trace
My duty belongs to another this is true!
But my heart and love belong to you!
There is no escape from death for me
For my love does not come to set me free
The morning light creeps into my cell
Death is all around me tis all I smell
I hear footsteps as they try to race
In there long gowns and out of pace
Down the corridor of death I do walk
I close my eyes to see your face and wrap my arms around my waist……..

The Bride’s Song

Gentle one whose love surrounds me,whose heart longs to be with mine.
You have captured my heart and soul,you have captured my body.
My husband, I come to you this night our wedding night unclaimed and whole
I have saved myself only for you,for I know no lover’s touch.
Husband of mine, like a song bird you sing to me words of love.
Enchanting me
You gaze apoun my body and I can see your love.
I am powerless by your touch.
I can no longer resist you
You guide my hands and lips to meet your passion.
We are unrehearsed but yet we move as one.
I have fulfilled your desire and you have fulfilled mine.
You have taught me the ways of love.
And for you my love, I sing The Bride’s Song.