Death of a Maiden

How sad and lonely is my heart
As I await my life to part
The hour is late and I await the morn
This crime of love has condemned my fate
Oh  God I beg you, my soul do take
The guards came for us this past night
My lover ran, he did not fight
My love you escaped in tact
While I await the axemen’s ax
I have made my choice the ax it will be
Hurry my love please come for me
My tears fall cold like winter rain
Oh my dearest love can you sense my pain
I close my eyes to see your face
I clasp my arms around my waist
I try to imagine your embrace
And down my breasts my hands do trace
My duty belongs to another this is true!
But my heart and love belong to you!
There is no escape from death for me
For my love does not come to set me free
The morning light creeps into my cell
Death is all around me tis all I smell
I hear footsteps as they try to race
In there long gowns and out of pace
Down the corridor of death I do walk
I close my eyes to see your face and wrap my arms around my waist……..


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