Death of a Maiden …..Part # 2

Down the corridor of death I do walk
And into the courtyard where the crowds do mock
Death to the maiden in the blue gown!
With her hair all mess and hanging down !
Shameless harlot who has committed this sin!
Off with her head they say with a grin
Look beside you and you will see
Your lover’s body waiting fo thee!
Oh my love now I see
Twas your pain that reached out for me
They try to hit me with their stones
I will not cry, I will not moan
I stumble but I do not fall
They walk me briskly they do not stale
I look to the heavens and there I see
My beautiful lover waiting for me
Tis fate that brought you to me
Tis fate that will set me free
Oh dear God whom watches from above
Who knows my heart and all my love
I beg you do not turn my soul away
As I stand before you on this day
In the heavens her lover can see her face
And he reaches out for her embrace
She does not cry, she does not moan
She lays her head upon  the stone
And into his arms where they embrace
And down her breast his hands to trace


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