My Little Bro

Heavenly Angel sent from above
Take back a message to someone I love
Carry it within your heart
Let shine so all can see
Just how much he means to me

My beautiful little one who refuses to sleep
Keep sending me memories for my heart to keep
Oh little one whom I love
Watching me secretly from above
Into my dreams at night you creep
Visiting me always when I sleep
Keeper of dreams that lives up above
Keep sending me his dreams for me to love

My precious little one my heart still cries
Death does not separate you and I
I struggle to remember your voice
It was so long ago when God made his choice
But your face is all that I can see
Your touch is a cherished memory

Sometimes we would sleep together at night
you would rub my arm and hug me tight
In my heart you will aways be my little Bro
And how I love and miss you so























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