The Soldier’s Prayer

Oh God in Heaven I pray keep me safe
As I venture into this foreign  place
I pray my battle be brief
I pray I spare my family grief
Our beautiful flag that flies high in the sky
Will drape the coffins of those who will die
God you must know
It was the enemy that delivered the first blow
It was not my country that looked for a fight
And I will defend it with all my strength and might
I fight for my country and for you God above
I fight for freedom and all that I love
I fight for honor, valour and the Canadian dream
I fight against those who plot to scheme
I fight without prejudice I fight for what is right
I will fight from morning and into the night
With my guardian Angel by my side
Into the battle field together we will stride
Oh God in Heaven who know’s I am brave
Give me strength and courage even if it means the grave
Under my uniform is but a mere man
But I will fight the fight the best I can
God I pray, if my life should end over here
Guide my body back home to those I love dear
May my Brother’s take the flag from my coffin and give it to my wife
May they tell her how much I love her and I fought a good fight
May they give flowers to my children to put in my grave
And tell them about all the lives I have saved
Sing O’ Canada and God Save the Queen
And hold close to your hearts the Canadian dream
Take your hats off to those on the bridges who wave
But most of all, remember me The Soldier in the Grave


2 thoughts on “The Soldier’s Prayer

  1. Hi Kathy. What a beautiful poem, you are very gifted, and that poem should be brought to attention by the Canadian Government.
    I loves the one about your little brother too, you have a very big heart.
    Love ya Tina

  2. Have to say this is your best work so far.I can feel with all my heart every line that you have created.Aunt Debbie What a beautiful poem

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