Old Time Christmas

Down through the mountains and in through the hills
The snow is falling glistening still
Pine trees covered in their blankets of white
The wind rustles their branches in the still of the night
The old pond is a shiny sight
And the stars reflect their shimmering light
Chimneys puffing grey, grey smoke
Who’s sitting at the fire, just we country folk
Children decorate the Christmas tree
As the music of their laughter fills the house with glee
They are thinking of toys that Santa will bring
For Mary a music box one that sings
Lauren in visions a doll dressed in red
One she can hug and take to bed
Felice sits in the corner a fret
Hoping just hoping that Santa will forget
He’s been a bad boy yes a bad boy this year
But I really don’t  think he has anything to fear
Papa sits in his chair deep with thought
As Mama checks her Christmas stock
The old mighty clock in the corner strikes eight
To bed we all go not a moment to late
On with our night clothes and we slip between the sheets
Mama sing christmas songs to lull us to sleep
The wind whistles around the icy roof tops
And the frost on the windows looks ready to pop
I lay there and pray may God keep us safe
And may we have a Merry Christmas in this happy place




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