Vampire Love

 In the hollows of my mind
I dream of a life stopped by time
It was so many years ago
When he stole my heart and took my soul
And with my heart I do crave
My body that sleeps in the grave

He came to me on a hot summers night
Under the cover of the soft moon light
This towering figure at the foot of my bed
At first he looked as if he were dead
His skin was as white as the new fallen snow
And his eyes they had a reddish glow
I drew the blankets from my bed
I pulled them tightly over my head
I could not bear to see
This monster standing in front of me
In my bed I lay covered
And above my bed he did hover
He pulled the blankets from my bed
And slipped my night-gown over my head
I trembled naked in his sight
Dear God I prayed make darkness light
But it was not to be
For only darkness surrounded me
He gazed into my eyes and I was seduced
His skillful hands I could not refuse
With his hands he did caress
Apoun my lips he did kiss
And then he tilted my neck to take a bite
I was paralyzed and could not fight
How much of my blood he drank, I do not know
Into his veins the new blood flows
He then lifted his head to look in my eyes
He kissed my lips to drown my cries
In my bed wet with blood
I felt my body rise above
Beneath me I did see
A body that belonged to me

In the darkness of the night
I walk the halls by candle light
And in the mirror I long to see
A reflection staring back at me

My vampire lover has stolen my soul
In my womb no seed will grow
This tormented love has condemned me
Take a stake to my heart and set me free
But my heart is bound and shackled to this place
And I yearn for new blood to taste
By the window I await his return
In my veins I feel the burn
I gaze out into the star lite night
In his return I find delight
He tilts his head for me to bite
I raise my head to see his eyes
I kiss his lips to drown his cries
And from the window I take flight
To look for blood in the night


The Sea Merchants Wife

How grand and stately are her walls
Among the pine trees standing tall
The castle on the moor

Across the moors the waters edge
Here I sit apoun the ledge
The sea rises to meet the shore
In its depth the rocks do soar
In the sky there flies a dove
Who is also waiting for there love

Oh my love have you deserted me?
If this is true, unchain my heart and set me free
In the distance I see a fleet of three
But they never reach the shore
For they are ghost and are no more

In the night, the fire light dances off the walls
And I hear the faintness of your voice that echos in the halls
How distant is your heart from mine
Across the sea vast has time

The sun the stars the shining moon
There light creeps softly in our room
In the stillness of the night there is no sound
Only loneliness and heart ach abound

In our bed I lay awake
I hug your pillow till day break
How many tears I have cried
And in my dispar I do sigh
In the distance I can hear the roar
Of thundering waves that meet the shore
In my heart my love I do store
To share with you for ever more

The Obituary


Look to the night sky and you will see
Me a star shining brilliantly
On a cold and stormy winters day
I will be the warmth in your heart forever to stay
I will be the tears that stream down your face
Loving you always with gentle grace
Like the rustling of wheat in the summer wind
If you listen closely you can hear my hymn

To each of you I make a request
Live today as if tomorrow does not exist
May you always strive to do your best
May you love life be happy and cry
Remember I will be watching from above the sky
Don’t ever be afraid to dream
Nothing is impossible if you truly believe

I am not resting just merely away
You see I have started a new job today
I tell you it’s not easy here up above
What do I do with all my love
All the love I leave behind
Must some how be reassigned
It’s an endless job you see
For I had so much love inside of me
So don’t worry or be sad because I’m away
I will assign you some extra love today