The Obituary

Look to the night sky and you will see
Me a star shining brilliantly
On a cold and stormy winters day
I will be the warmth in your heart forever to stay
I will be the tears that stream down your face
Loving you always with gentle grace
Like the rustling of wheat in the summer wind
If you listen closely you can hear my hymn

To each of you I make a request
Live today as if tomorrow does not exist
May you always strive to do your best
May you love life be happy and cry
Remember I will be watching from above the sky
Don’t ever be afraid to dream
Nothing is impossible if you truly believe

I am not resting just merely away
You see I have started a new job today
I tell you it’s not easy here up above
What do I do with all my love
All the love I leave behind
Must some how be reassigned
It’s an endless job you see
For I had so much love inside of me
So don’t worry or be sad because I’m away
I will assign you some extra love today


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