Time To Live

All my tears have helped Heaven to rain
My heart is bursting full of pain
I have sacrificed my heart, my sighs, my tears
My mind cannot comprehend my fears
This sadness that lays in my heart
Wrapped in sorrow never to part
The remnants of my virtue cannot survive
In the dissolution of love I keep alive
How can I explain the emptiness that I contain
If this is love I must refrain
Tragic lovers on a collision course set in time
A battle of wills we play with our minds
I remember not so long ago
We were star-crossed lovers who shared the same soul
You claim, your intent was never to wound my heart
But your endless betrayal has set us apart
I can no longer live in the past
With this love that I thought would last 
But too many ” im sorry, or she didn’t mean a thing”
And now its time to slip off my ring
For it’s to late I cannot forgive
It is now time for me to live


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