Blue Sky

I have been to long in the cold
With no one to love and no one to hold
I would not let my heart know the danger
Of finding love with a stranger
There would be no part-time lover
For I could never steal love from another

In your arms I found what I thought was lost
I found a love without a cost
You turned my heart ache into love
Soaring high as the moon above
Feel the fire in my heart, set aglow
By the sweetness of your soul
Like waves that meet the shore
I keep coming back for more

I won’t count the days or think about tomorrow
There will be no more tears apoun my pillow
When my eyes met yours all my tears went away
You turned my sky blue instead of grey
I would not turn back the hands of time
Remembering the hills to high to climb

In your arms I found the things that dreams are made of
I have a love I can cling too
A new song I can sing too
All this I have found in you


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