Way back When

Do you remember when our hearts were young and free
When the days were long and hot and we would find shade under the apple trees
Wild roses grew amongst the weeds their scent peppery and sweet
We would find wild straw berries that where sweet to eat
In the gully the creek rambled on
There where lots of rocks to sit apoun
Under the rocks we would find the salamander
That we would pick up to have a gander
Wild flowers everywhere grew
The Dog Tooth Violet theTrillium to name a few
We would lay in the tall grass and look up at the clouds
Far away from the noise and the crowds
Life was different way back when it was easier to make new friends
Some we still keep others fell to the side
Others moved away and we would cry
The summer rain was warm and sweet
That collected in puddles at our feet
Under the umbrella we would walk
Up the street and around the block
Under the eavetroph we would stand
Holding each other by the hand
To feel the down pour of the summer rain
Oh how I would love do it all again
We grew up and left this life behind
Now they are memories we store in our minds
But every now and again I remember way back when.

            I love you sister


One thought on “Way back When

  1. wow sister that is the most beautiful Poem !!! I read it three times because the memories are so vivid and I treasure them so very much! I would love to go back there some day to the gully, there is a path to get there!, Thank you so much for this poem I love it and will treasure it!!!!! .
    I Love You To Sister xox

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