The Gift

Wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow
And the treasure with in is worth more than gold
It’s my little boys birthday in just one week
I told him he was not allowed to peek
He would take the gift and shake it with all his might
Frustrated he would yell ” it’s packed way to tight”
His birthday soon arrived
He climbed on the chair to see what’s inside
He tore off the paper in neat thin strands
He pulled off the lid with his little hands
With disappointment he exclaimed ” this box is empty there is nothing inside”
Then I noticed the tears well up in his eyes
I told him the box is not empty it’s full to the brim
You have to look deeper, deeper with in
Maybe you are just to little to see
This box is full of love that my mother once gave to me
He cradled his chin with one of his hands
He played with the paper that he had torn into strands
Then a tear trickled down his cheek
I kissed him and whispered don’t worry I got you your jeep
He played with the jeep from morning till night
He took it to bed and hugged it real tight
I kissed him and tucked him into bed
Then he turned  to me and this is what he said
I know you think I am to little to understand
The box of love you wrapped with your hands
It was wrapped up so pretty and tied with a bow
And the treasure with in it is worth more than gold


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