The Widow

Our house is never empty, never still
For in our house your spirit stays
It does not sleep in your lonely grave

All our pictures still hang on the walls
I stop to remember and look at them all
Threw the glass I can see your face
With my finger I trace the out line of your smile
You have been gone a short time only awhile

I need no reason to make me believe
For your spirit forever encompasses me
I can hear your laugh and I can hear your voice
To leave me would have never been your choice

Oh sweet heart the days go by
With all the rainbows that arch the sky
On a lonely winters night
I sit alone by the fire light
When I sleep I am not alone
For in my dreams you forever roam

Oh sweet invader of my dreams
Who captures my tears as they stream
In the soft moon light
I hear you whisper sweet dreams good night
Threw endless sleepless nights gone by
With all the moons that pass the sky
I speak to you old hands of time
My heart still belongs to him and his to mine

If I have just one breath left
Let it not be of sorrow but happiness
You lay in my broken dreams of yesterday
In my cries I hear you say
Don’t cry my love, we will be together again some day.


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