Our mother’s weep with out stretched arms longing to embrace their sons of yesterday.

They died in battle but they did not die alone
They died with their brothers far from home
In the trenches there bodies lay
Their beautiful sons of yesterday
He who stood never stood alone
They where brothers together in the combat zone
In the river that once ran clear
Is filled with the blood of the ones we held dear
There was no darkness to cover the night
The barrage of shell fire gave off its great light
Among the ashes and the smoke they pressed on
There spirit was not broken, it is was not gone
Some took to the sky in a perilous flight
To do their battle in the night
Threw the barbed wire and mud knee-deep
Towards their victory they slowly creep
There are too few of these men left today
To tell their story of the soldiers way
Those who parished are not silenced by death
They reach out to us from their place of rest
Those who survived, who’s lives are forever changed
Remember their brothers in graves with no names


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