I have learned through life that there are no guarantees. That nobody gives you something for nothing. I believe that there are really no second chances and if you do get one chance you seize it and make the most of that chance whether good or bad. When you make a frist empression it should always be your best, people never forget. I learned a an early age that I would have to work hard for everything I have. And that love would eventually come my way. I think in some small way if you read between the lines my poetry reflects this. I am but in no means a negative person but a realistic one

I believe in God but not in the fact that we all receive only one life, I mean lets face it we can’t achieve perfection by just one life I think it takes many lives to reach the level of perfection that would be appealing to God.

One negativity I have about myself would be that I am to sensitive. I feel other people pain as if it where my own. I have never been very good at hiding my feeling I am honest about how I feel and I don’t have a problem telling people how I feel. I am passionate about the people I love. I love everything that is good in this world and sadly detest all that is wrong. I grieve for all the injustice and religious persecution . I want so badly for the world to be a better place for all.

I hope when you read my poetry that you enjoy what I written
Thank-you for visiting my sight

all poetry is the property of kcammisuli and Whimsical Corners


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