My God

In the quiet of my dreams you come to me
Soothing my troubled heart and mind
Every thought is your’s, every dream is your’s too
You are my strength
My oneness with time and space
How infinite is your wisdom
How eternal is your grace
Your strength is not earth-bound
But surpasses the Heavens
When I fall you are there
When I stray you lead me back
When my mind becomes confused
I find you there also
For only you know my mind
In my emptiness and darkness you are my salvation
Even with all my faults you reach out to me
You are everything to some and nothing to others
We ask for so much, and you ask for so little 
How is it, that you have come to love us so?


Blue Sky

I have been to long in the cold
With no one to love and no one to hold
I would not let my heart know the danger
Of finding love with a stranger
There would be no part-time lover
For I could never steal love from another

In your arms I found what I thought was lost
I found a love without a cost
You turned my heart ache into love
Soaring high as the moon above
Feel the fire in my heart, set aglow
By the sweetness of your soul
Like waves that meet the shore
I keep coming back for more

I won’t count the days or think about tomorrow
There will be no more tears apoun my pillow
When my eyes met yours all my tears went away
You turned my sky blue instead of grey
I would not turn back the hands of time
Remembering the hills to high to climb

In your arms I found the things that dreams are made of
I have a love I can cling too
A new song I can sing too
All this I have found in you

Time To Live

All my tears have helped Heaven to rain
My heart is bursting full of pain
I have sacrificed my heart, my sighs, my tears
My mind cannot comprehend my fears
This sadness that lays in my heart
Wrapped in sorrow never to part
The remnants of my virtue cannot survive
In the dissolution of love I keep alive
How can I explain the emptiness that I contain
If this is love I must refrain
Tragic lovers on a collision course set in time
A battle of wills we play with our minds
I remember not so long ago
We were star-crossed lovers who shared the same soul
You claim, your intent was never to wound my heart
But your endless betrayal has set us apart
I can no longer live in the past
With this love that I thought would last 
But too many ” im sorry, or she didn’t mean a thing”
And now its time to slip off my ring
For it’s to late I cannot forgive
It is now time for me to live

Vampire Love

 In the hollows of my mind
I dream of a life stopped by time
It was so many years ago
When he stole my heart and took my soul
And with my heart I do crave
My body that sleeps in the grave

He came to me on a hot summers night
Under the cover of the soft moon light
This towering figure at the foot of my bed
At first he looked as if he were dead
His skin was as white as the new fallen snow
And his eyes they had a reddish glow
I drew the blankets from my bed
I pulled them tightly over my head
I could not bear to see
This monster standing in front of me
In my bed I lay covered
And above my bed he did hover
He pulled the blankets from my bed
And slipped my night-gown over my head
I trembled naked in his sight
Dear God I prayed make darkness light
But it was not to be
For only darkness surrounded me
He gazed into my eyes and I was seduced
His skillful hands I could not refuse
With his hands he did caress
Apoun my lips he did kiss
And then he tilted my neck to take a bite
I was paralyzed and could not fight
How much of my blood he drank, I do not know
Into his veins the new blood flows
He then lifted his head to look in my eyes
He kissed my lips to drown my cries
In my bed wet with blood
I felt my body rise above
Beneath me I did see
A body that belonged to me

In the darkness of the night
I walk the halls by candle light
And in the mirror I long to see
A reflection staring back at me

My vampire lover has stolen my soul
In my womb no seed will grow
This tormented love has condemned me
Take a stake to my heart and set me free
But my heart is bound and shackled to this place
And I yearn for new blood to taste
By the window I await his return
In my veins I feel the burn
I gaze out into the star lite night
In his return I find delight
He tilts his head for me to bite
I raise my head to see his eyes
I kiss his lips to drown his cries
And from the window I take flight
To look for blood in the night

The Sea Merchants Wife

How grand and stately are her walls
Among the pine trees standing tall
The castle on the moor

Across the moors the waters edge
Here I sit apoun the ledge
The sea rises to meet the shore
In its depth the rocks do soar
In the sky there flies a dove
Who is also waiting for there love

Oh my love have you deserted me?
If this is true, unchain my heart and set me free
In the distance I see a fleet of three
But they never reach the shore
For they are ghost and are no more

In the night, the fire light dances off the walls
And I hear the faintness of your voice that echos in the halls
How distant is your heart from mine
Across the sea vast has time

The sun the stars the shining moon
There light creeps softly in our room
In the stillness of the night there is no sound
Only loneliness and heart ach abound

In our bed I lay awake
I hug your pillow till day break
How many tears I have cried
And in my dispar I do sigh
In the distance I can hear the roar
Of thundering waves that meet the shore
In my heart my love I do store
To share with you for ever more

The Obituary


Look to the night sky and you will see
Me a star shining brilliantly
On a cold and stormy winters day
I will be the warmth in your heart forever to stay
I will be the tears that stream down your face
Loving you always with gentle grace
Like the rustling of wheat in the summer wind
If you listen closely you can hear my hymn

To each of you I make a request
Live today as if tomorrow does not exist
May you always strive to do your best
May you love life be happy and cry
Remember I will be watching from above the sky
Don’t ever be afraid to dream
Nothing is impossible if you truly believe

I am not resting just merely away
You see I have started a new job today
I tell you it’s not easy here up above
What do I do with all my love
All the love I leave behind
Must some how be reassigned
It’s an endless job you see
For I had so much love inside of me
So don’t worry or be sad because I’m away
I will assign you some extra love today

Old Time Christmas

Down through the mountains and in through the hills
The snow is falling glistening still
Pine trees covered in their blankets of white
The wind rustles their branches in the still of the night
The old pond is a shiny sight
And the stars reflect their shimmering light
Chimneys puffing grey, grey smoke
Who’s sitting at the fire, just we country folk
Children decorate the Christmas tree
As the music of their laughter fills the house with glee
They are thinking of toys that Santa will bring
For Mary a music box one that sings
Lauren in visions a doll dressed in red
One she can hug and take to bed
Felice sits in the corner a fret
Hoping just hoping that Santa will forget
He’s been a bad boy yes a bad boy this year
But I really don’t  think he has anything to fear
Papa sits in his chair deep with thought
As Mama checks her Christmas stock
The old mighty clock in the corner strikes eight
To bed we all go not a moment to late
On with our night clothes and we slip between the sheets
Mama sing christmas songs to lull us to sleep
The wind whistles around the icy roof tops
And the frost on the windows looks ready to pop
I lay there and pray may God keep us safe
And may we have a Merry Christmas in this happy place



The Soldier’s Prayer

Oh God in Heaven I pray keep me safe
As I venture into this foreign  place
I pray my battle be brief
I pray I spare my family grief
Our beautiful flag that flies high in the sky
Will drape the coffins of those who will die
God you must know
It was the enemy that delivered the first blow
It was not my country that looked for a fight
And I will defend it with all my strength and might
I fight for my country and for you God above
I fight for freedom and all that I love
I fight for honor, valour and the Canadian dream
I fight against those who plot to scheme
I fight without prejudice I fight for what is right
I will fight from morning and into the night
With my guardian Angel by my side
Into the battle field together we will stride
Oh God in Heaven who know’s I am brave
Give me strength and courage even if it means the grave
Under my uniform is but a mere man
But I will fight the fight the best I can
God I pray, if my life should end over here
Guide my body back home to those I love dear
May my Brother’s take the flag from my coffin and give it to my wife
May they tell her how much I love her and I fought a good fight
May they give flowers to my children to put in my grave
And tell them about all the lives I have saved
Sing O’ Canada and God Save the Queen
And hold close to your hearts the Canadian dream
Take your hats off to those on the bridges who wave
But most of all, remember me The Soldier in the Grave

My Little Bro

Heavenly Angel sent from above
Take back a message to someone I love
Carry it within your heart
Let shine so all can see
Just how much he means to me

My beautiful little one who refuses to sleep
Keep sending me memories for my heart to keep
Oh little one whom I love
Watching me secretly from above
Into my dreams at night you creep
Visiting me always when I sleep
Keeper of dreams that lives up above
Keep sending me his dreams for me to love

My precious little one my heart still cries
Death does not separate you and I
I struggle to remember your voice
It was so long ago when God made his choice
But your face is all that I can see
Your touch is a cherished memory

Sometimes we would sleep together at night
you would rub my arm and hug me tight
In my heart you will aways be my little Bro
And how I love and miss you so






















Death of a Maiden …..Part # 2

Down the corridor of death I do walk
And into the courtyard where the crowds do mock
Death to the maiden in the blue gown!
With her hair all mess and hanging down !
Shameless harlot who has committed this sin!
Off with her head they say with a grin
Look beside you and you will see
Your lover’s body waiting fo thee!
Oh my love now I see
Twas your pain that reached out for me
They try to hit me with their stones
I will not cry, I will not moan
I stumble but I do not fall
They walk me briskly they do not stale
I look to the heavens and there I see
My beautiful lover waiting for me
Tis fate that brought you to me
Tis fate that will set me free
Oh dear God whom watches from above
Who knows my heart and all my love
I beg you do not turn my soul away
As I stand before you on this day
In the heavens her lover can see her face
And he reaches out for her embrace
She does not cry, she does not moan
She lays her head upon  the stone
And into his arms where they embrace
And down her breast his hands to trace